Tar and Chip

The tar and chip process has been around for nearly one hundred years, but for a long time was limited to parts of the country that experience colder winters than we enjoy here in Middle Tennessee.  In the last couple of decades, its use has spread to all areas of the U.S.  Nashville area homeowners are discovering that tar and chip is an excellent alternative to asphalt paving.

The driveway is prepared in the same manner, but instead of paving over the area, we lay hot liquid asphalt down (which acts as a binder) and then spread out a layer of stones, then we roll over it to push the rock into the mix.  This is repeated at least twice, some cases three times.  There are many advantages to tar and chip:

Superior Traction: Due to its coarse nature, this type of paved surface offers unrivaled traction during wet and snowy parts of the year. It is also less susceptible to damages caused by direct sunlight! Because of its light colored stone surface tar and chip does not absorb heat like black top does and stays much cooler.

Low Maintenance: Unlike pavement, tar and chip driveways do not have to be resealed.

Cost Effective: A tar and chip driveway lasts longer than traditional asphalt or concrete paved surfaces. A longer lifespan makes this type of paving very attractive to homeowners and property managers. Additionally, a tar and chip driveway tends to be much less expensive to install.