There are multiple steps involved when laying down an asphalt driveway. The following steps are critical in delivering a final product that delivers in both form and function;

  1. Grade Work - We need to properly grade the driveway to make sure water drains properly and in the right places as well as avoid any ponding of water on the asphalt driveway.
  2. Laying Crush - Laying down the proper base and running over with the paver machine to get the proper flat-surfaced driveway.
  3. Laying Asphalt - Lastly, laying the hot asphalt mix on top of the base to produce the final product.

Hot mix asphalt is a high-quality material and very commonly used. Normally used on new installs, parking lots, subdivision roads, driveways, golf cart paths and many more .similar applications. If asphalt is not laid properly, it can cause ongoing maintenance problems. Key points in installing asphalt are;

    • Proper grading If your surface is gravel.
    • If you have existing asphalt proper cleaning of existing asphalt And applying a prime coat Which is used as a glue to bond the new asphalt to the existing asphalt.

Seal Coating and Striping

All asphalt needs to be maintained. We use a commercial grade material on all of our asphalt maintenance jobs. Before applying asphalt sealer to the surface of asphalt must be thoroughly cleaned. We make sure all dirt spots, oil spots, and cracks are thoroughly clean.

For every good seal coat, there must be a clean surface This helps the material bind to your asphalt to help increase the life of your seal coat and asphalt.